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Android only

We are more than an Android first company, we are an Android Only company. Android is the best mobile platform, this is our belief and we take a pride in our expertise and knowledge on anything Android (including all the quirks).

Expert advice

We help our customers through the whole process from idea and research to development and release. We'll raise flags when something goes against our Android belief and help find appropriate alternatives.

Bug squashing

After release comes maintenance and bug squashing. We will stay around long after the App is out and help sort out bugs that has been missed in the testing phases and bugs that are phone dependent. Our focus will be to keep the user experience supreme on all Android devices.


We will keep you posted on all updates to Android. Most importantly how it affects your app and you and your users experience.


Some of the projects we've coded.

H.C. Andersens Odense

City museum guide

H.C. Andersen Trail

Outdoor travel guide


Phone switchboard


Kids picture book

Harry Potter Odense Festival

Event guide


We're a small danish start-up that specializes in Android development and consultancy. This focus makes us able to give the best advices and keep up to date on the newest trend despite our small size. We work together with our customers in order to achieve their goals in an optimal way on the Android platform.

The Team

Knights without their armor

Esben Gaarsmand

Founder & Android Guru

Denis Apetrii

Android developer

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